Sternstunden des Kapitalismus

SdK makes zines and other printed matter. They create and publish zines and comics on subjects as diverse as taoism, materialism, rallying or cucumbers.

From 2008 to 2021 they produced Pareidolia Magazin. the zine featured short stories and poems by authors like Clemens Schittko, Jürgen Landt, Claire Walka, Kai Pohl, Philipp Böhm and Bdolf. Cartoons, comics and illustrations were contributed by a range of artists including Abigail Richter, Sorina Vazelina, Vera Bekema, Neele Bunjes, Rachel Denti, Moriz Stetter, Tim Reuscher and Serafine Frey.

Since 2016 SdK is working inside nachladen. Sternstrasse 17 in Hamburg, publishing photo zines with Bernd Spyra and linocut/risograph zines with Dada Reinhardt as well as the occasional anthology.

2019 they co-published, designed and printed Artist Matter #1 – Think Global, Act Local, a mail art superzine by Hans Braumüller with 177 artists. 2020 they followed this with Vereint in Mail Art, by Hans Braumüller, Ruggero Maggi, Clemente Padín und Chuck Welch.

In 2022 SdK made zines & prints design stickers and t-shirts, expanded the Jaywalker #1 universe an published a bunch of minizines – some of them collaborations, some about taoism and one printed in Osaka for the Osaka Zine Day.

In Spring 2023 new tote bags and new Stickers were introduced and there’s new zines coming.
SdK has been publishing for 15 years now.

Send an email to Tim for artwork commissions and/or collaboration proposals.
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